School and Office Laminators

Fujipla laminators have been specifically designed to eliminate the problems and confusion of operation. Parting of the pressure rollers enables the operator to easily thread the laminator, avoid flat spots during extended down time and free the film from the rollers in the event of a wrap-around. Fast warm-up time about 5 to 10 minutes ensures less waiting time.

Fujipla LPE6510 / 25" Desktop Laminator
Simple to operate; Easy threading; Ultra fast five minute warm-up ensures less waiting time; Film frees quickly in case of a wrap-around.

Fujipla LPE3510 / 13" Desktop Laminator
Perfect for smaller laminating projects; Light weight; Compact size; Adjustable heat and tension controls.

The Professional Series 27STA and School-Lam SL27 Roll Laminators are two of the most popular laminators ever produced. These dependable workhorses has been delivering outstanding results for years. The 27STA has a digital control panel with a large, easy to use display. Adjustable speed, heat and tension controls give the user the flexibility to handle many types of projects. The School-Lam SL27 laminator features two button control with fixed speed for easy operation.

27STA Digital Roller Laminator
Digital Controls with User Preset and Usage counter; Key switch prevents unauthorized use of laminator; Adjustable temperature and speed controls.

School-Lam 27" Roller Laminator
Easy-to-use controls give the user the flexibility to handle many types of laminating projects without complicated displays and multiple buttons.